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Name that IP Right – A Cheat-Sheet

newspaperAre you writing about Intellectual Property Rights?

Are you writing about the right Intellectual Property Rights?

Experience suggests there’s a good chance you aren’t (see ipcopymark on this subject here). But don’t worry, IPcopy is here to help! Here’s a handy flow chart you can follow to make sure you don’t get your trade marks confused with your design rights, or your patents confused with your copyright. Run through it if you find yourself about to type a phrase like “Company X have patented the copyright in this technology” or “the manufacturing process infringes Company Y’s trade marks“. And if you’re still stuck, feel free to drop us a line to check!


Plant Variety Rights?

Here at IPcopy, we like to introduce our readers to every flavour of IP, including some to suit the more adventurous IP-palette. Here, then, is a brief look at the much under-deliberated Plant Variety Right: what is it, why would you want one, and how do you get it?

What is it?

Plant Variety Rights are a lesser-known feature of the intellectual property spectrum that are available to protect any variety of plant that you or your business has bred, discovered or developed. In the UK, Plant Variety Rights (or Plant Breeders’ Rights) are administered by the Plant Variety Rights Office, whilst in the EU the Community Plant Variety Office oversees grant of Community Plant Variety Rights.