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Demystifying EPO examination reports

confusionMuch like a nurse attempting to decipher a doctor’s scrawled prescription note for their patient, a large proportion of a European patent attorney’s working life seems to involve interpreting examination reports for their clients, and in particular explaining the various comments and objections raised by the EPO examiners. As such, we thought it might be useful to summarise various objections that Applicants might see in Communications from the EPO, and what they really mean. (more…)

2015’s Top 10 Posts on IPcopy

Yeah, of course I'm excited it's Christmas....

Yeah, of course I’m excited it’s Christmas….

As we contemplate the possibility that another recipe from “101 Things to do with Cold Turkey” is going to be needed to shift the last of the Christmas food, we thought we’d take a quick look back at the top 10 most read posts that we published this year. (more…)

EPO Guidelines 2Day Roadshow – Review Part Part 3 – Added Matter

epologoOur final post covering the EPO’s recent roadshow for professional representatives around Europe is on the subject of added matter. The first article in this series looked at the rule 164 procedure and the second article covered early processing, PCT Direct and rule 71(3).

European patent applications, of course, should disclose the invention in a sufficiently clear and complete manner that the invention can be carried out by a skilled person. Applications should not be amended such that they contain subject matter that extends beyond the content of the application as filed. Extended added matter is both a ground for opposition under Art 100(c) and revocation under Art 138(1) EPC.

The EPO representative at the roadshow confirmed the general approach the Examiners take when assessing whether an amendment represents added matter. The practice at first instance is: (more…)

EPO Boards of Appeal – Year in Review (Finnegan seminar)

epologoIPcopy was fortunate enough to attend Finnegan’s Year in Review seminar at the Old Hall in Lincoln’s Inn. An overview of decisions of the EPO Boards of Appeal from the last year or so was provided during the seminar. The cases covered related to Admissibility, Partial Priorities, Added Matter and a couple of other slightly unusual cases. (more…)

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co Annual Patent Seminar Review: Part 2

stacked-booksWe posted a review of the first half of Gordon Harris’ review of the patent cases of 2014 earlier this week (see here). In this post we cover a selection of cases from the remainder of Gordon’s talk. (more…)