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Unitary patent: Nuggets of News

EU flagSome unitary patent related news bites today relating to the ratification process and some articles from Ingve Stjerna on the background to the unitary patent package.

Dr Ingve Björn Stjerna is a German attorney operating in the area of patent litigation. Ingve has been following the progress of the unitary patent system with a keen eye and may be familiar to readers as the author of the articles: “Law-making in camera, article on the doubtful understanding of transparency and democracy in the legislative process for the “unitary patent” package” and the optimistically titled “The “sub-sub-suboptimal compromise” of the EU Parliament, article on the Special Meeting of the Legal Affairs Committee on 19 November 2012”.

Ingve has recently dropped IPcopy a couple of notes to highlight a couple of new entries on his website. (more…)

Unitary patent package – Ratification – Allons-y!

Ratification game 5 March 2013In an earlier post we noted that the French government seemed to be gearing up to be the first EU member state to ratify the Agreement on the Unified Patent Court. Now we’ve been sent (thank you @gibus) a further document that again restates France’s intention to be the first country to ratify the UPC Agreement. Does this mean that IPcopy is finally going to be able to get a player on the pitch in our over-extended and stretched “Ratification as a football match” analogy?

If anyone has further knowledge of the planned ratification timetable in France then please feel free to chime in below.

Mark Richardson 21 June 2013

Unitary patent package – Agreement on a Unified Patent Court republished

EU flagThe Agreement on a Unified Patent Court was republished yesterday. Those of you priming yourselves to review the agrement for changes can stand down – it’s merely a republication in the Official Journal of the European Union and the only changes are formatting changes!

The final texts of the unitary patent package are therefore:

The 15th Draft of the Rules of Procedure of the Unified Patent Court has recently been released but a copy is not currently available. The public consultation on the rules is expected shortly and we’ll update IPcopy as soon as we get a copy.

Mark Richardson  21 June 2013