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European Patent Litigation Certificate – Public Consultation

Unified patent courtAs noted yesterday the Legal Working Group of the Preparatory Committee has launched a consultation on their proposals for the European Patent Litigation Certificate. The consultation timeframe is relatively short and runs until Friday 25 July 2014. Comments are to submitted electronically to secretariat@unified-patent-court.org. The consultation document can be found here and an explanatory memorandum can be found here.

Our initial thoughts on the consultation document (with reference back to the earlier version of this proposal) are noted below. We would welcome your thoughts in the comments section. (more…)

Unitary patent system – Scuttlebutt*

EU flagThere’s not been much hard news recently┬áregarding the unitary patent system so we’re going to take a leaf out of the 24 Hour Rolling News Playbook and start speculating away until something actually happens again….. (more…)

IPReg Consultation on simplifying and modernising the examination system for qualifying as a patent attorney

IPRegIPReg has now confirmed that their recent consultation looking at the UK patent attorney exam system has closed. Not surprisingly there were a large number of responses and IPReg is suggesting a minimum of 3 months but more likely 6 months before their conclusions are published.

All the responses will, in time, be published unless you contact them and inform them otherwise.

See below for a selection of published responses to the consultation.