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Licences and Assignments of Unitary Patents and the Relevance of German Law

EU flagThe law governing licences and assignments of future European patents with unitary effect (unitary patents) is determined by a residency/place of business test for applicants based in the states of the EU participating in enhanced cooperation (member states); German law will apply to licences and assignments for other applicants. This may sound esoteric, but will in fact be of practical significance to many UK-based practitioners, because many large corporations based outside the member states file all their patents in their own name, including for inventions devised by UK-based affiliates. (more…)

Copyright – Receiving less than you bargained for?

copyright symbolIPcopy is pleased to welcome guest contributors Yavan Brar and Alex Canham from Herrington & Carmichael LLP who take a look at the issue of copyright arising in oursourced contractual work.  The article is reproduced with the kind permission of the authors.

A number of businesses now look to outsource non-core functions, particularly in creative areas, to third party contractors. This may be in the form of marketing design work (such as a brochure or an article), software development/maintenance work or a musical composition. However, are commissioning really clear as to the rights they have in the finished product?