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The UK Patent Box – Reducing corporation tax

This is not just any box. This is an HMRC Patent Box

This is not just any box. This is an HMRC Patent Box

On 1 April 2013 the UK will introduce a new preferential tax regime, the so called “Patent Box”, that will potentially reduce the amount of UK corporation tax that a company will be liable for.

If you’re interested in finding out more, then grab a highly caffeinated beverage of your choice (we are going to be talking about patents and tax in the same post after all!) and read on.


Trade Marks and Companies House

In our day jobs we often meet prospective new clients who have registered the name of their new start up company at Companies House and have then commenced a programme of advertising to jump start their business. Although checking, via Companies House, that your company name has not already been taken is obviously important it should be borne in mind that availability of a name at Companies House does not necessarily mean you are free to use that name in the course of business.  Neither does registration of a company name at Companies House provide the right to prevent others from trading under the same name.

Prior to adopting a new name, it is therefore prudent to speak to a trade mark attorney to ensure that the name is free for adoption and, further, to ensure that you put in place the best form of protection to enable you to prevent others from using a similar name in future.

Further information can be found here.