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Enter the Metaverse: Facebook rebrands to “Meta”

MetaFacebook recently announced that they were rebranding their corporate name to Meta. On one level this could look like Facebook are attempting to distance themselves from some of the negative press that has been associated with them recently. However, it also allows them to broaden their brand identity to encompass everything they are doing now and in the future. The platforms Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp will not be impacted by this rebranding.

The immediate reaction to the rebranding exercise, however, suggests that this may not be one of the most well thought-out rebrands in history for the reasons set out below. (more…)

Social Media Patents – Facebook


A “Facebook”

Recent news stories (Techcrunch, Guardian) have highlighted some patents that have recently granted to Facebook. The three patents mentioned in the articles relate to “Automatic Photo Capture Based on Social Components and Identity Recognition“, “Preferred images from captured video sequence” & “Image selection from captured video sequence based on social components“.

IPcopy has a passing interest in social media related patents (see Twitter articles here) and so we thought we’d take a closer look. (more…)