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Cyberattackers and IP – Deloitte webcast


Photo by clarita at Morguefile.com

IPcopy happened upon this slide pack on LinkedIn from Deloitte relating to cyberattackers and IP (Valuing and guarding prized business assets). The slides capture the poll responses of nearly 3000 professionals from the banking, tech, investment management, travel, insurance and retail sectors.

Over 10% of the participants reported a cyber theft within the last 12 months with employees regarded as the most likely group to attempt such a cyber theft (c. 20% of the vote). IPcopy noted with a slightly raised eyebrow that “nation states” attracted 10% of the “potential adversary” vote, though given the suggestions that the recent US election was hacked by a nation state, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprise….  (more…)

A stocktake of your IP

P1020649 (web)Today on IPcopy we are pleased to welcome guest contributor Annette Freeman:

This article by Ian Cockburn lists five reasons why businesses should identify, understand, account for and manage their intellectual property, the so-called “intangible assets” that often hide real and unexploited value. You might be surprised by some of these reasons. Let’s take a closer look: