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Bulgaria join Unified Patent Court Agreement Club

EU flagAs of 5 March 2013, Bulgaria is also a signatory to the unified patent court agreement. This brings the total number of countries who have signed the agreement to 25 (out of 27). Poland and Spain remain outside the club.

IPcopy’s Ratification Game post has been updated – see here.

The Press Release is here.

Mark Richardson     6 March 2013


UPC – The Ratification Game Update

EU shirt2As noted in an earlier post the agreement on the unified patent court (UPC) was signed by 24 member states on 19 February 2013.

Spain, Poland and Bulgaria were the three member states who did not sign the UPC agreement. Spain are sitting out of the unitary patent package  completely at present and so have not signed. Poland and Bulgaria are part of the enhanced cooperation club that the unitary regulations have been prepared under. Poland, however, has decided to take a wait-and-see approach and so did not sign the UPC agreement. Bulgaria intends to sign as soon as it has made appropriate preparations.

In light of the UPC signing ceremony the Ratification Game post has been updated along with the football info-graphic. The full post can be found here but in the meantime here’s the updated graphic.

Ratification Game 2