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IPcopy in 2013 – our top ten posts

FireworksWelcome to 2014!

An interesting year for Intellectual Property developments is before us with further progress on the unitary patent expected and the possibility that the US Supreme Court will weigh in again on the issue of patent eligibility with the recent referral of the Alice/CLS decision.

However, before all that we thought we’d take a quick look at the most popular posts on IPcopy in 2013. (more…)

Kim Dotcom and the Two-Factor Authentication patent: Inventor or not?

Twitter has finally got itself two-factor authentication in a bid to help stem the flow of account hacking. Following Twitter’s announcement, Kim Schmitz (better known as Kim Dotcom), the man behind Megaupload (you know, that file sharing site in a spot of hot water over in the US right now), made an announcement of his own: he, in fact, was the inventor of two-factor authentication, and holds a patent for it.

So is this true? IPCopy delves into the public records…