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Game Changers or Lion Tamers?

Lion tamer

Lion tamer?

We were glad to be joined at the Keltie offices on the 30th of September by the Lawyers’ Business Development Club, for an early morning talk from Ronan Dunne, CEO of Telefónica UK Limited.

Before attending the event, Ronan tweeted a question to be posed to the audience, which also acted as a theme for his talk on his personal career journey: Lawyers – Game Changers or Lion Tamers? (more…)

A Lawyer at Man Utd: Patrick Stewart on His Career in Football

Left to right: Sean Cummings, Patrick Stewart and Colin Carroll

Left to right: Sean Cummings, Patrick Stewart and Colin Carroll

On Tuesday night Keltie hosted and sponsored a presentation by Patrick Stewart, Director of Legal & Business Affairs at Manchester United. The event was organised by LBDC (‘Lawyers Business Development Club) and brilliantly introduced by LBDC’s CEO Colin Carroll and Keltie Partner, Sean Cummings. We had a full house and were sorry that several interested people could not get a place. However, for those who could not attend and as a memo for those who could, here is a brief account of the talk, that leaves out the witty anecdotes (sorry, I know it’s those you are after, but I don’t think it’s fair to publish them on a blog). (more…)