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Unitary patent and Unified patent court – Conference Review (Part III)

EU flagThis post covers the afternoon sessions from the “Unitary patent and the Unified patent court” conference in Paris on 4 July.  This post covers a session from a number of European judges on the UPC and views from some IP intensive companies (such as Google, Microsoft and GSK). [Part I and Part II cover sessions (1) through (4).] (more…)

SkyDrive v Sky: Microsoft lose against BSkyB over the use of the term “Skydrive”

sky logoBSkyB, the British Satellite Broadcasting company has won a case against the American multinational software corporation (Microsoft) in actions for passing off and for infringement of two CTM Registrations and two UK trade mark registrations for SKY. By way of these actions, BSkyB sought to prevent Microsoft from using “SkyDrive” as the name for their cloud storage service in Europe.

In a counterclaim, Microsoft filed for a declaration of partial invalidity in respect of the SKY trade marks on the grounds of descriptiveness for cloud storage services. (more…)

RAND – the search for meaning reaches Seattle

electromagnetic-field-98736_640IEEE 802.11 is a set of standards that cover wireless local area networking.  These standards provide the basis for wireless network products which use the Wi-Fi brand (yes, it is a brand) – most people reading this article will use such technology many times a day.  Patents have played a contentious role in the development of this standard, particularly in the successful licensing campaign carried out by the Australian national science agency CSIRO.  This campaign has attracted strong criticism – for example in this Ars Technica article – and also some robust defence, particularly from Australia in this piece from the Patentology blog.  While clearly no-one likes to be told that they are governed by trolls, hopefully tempers have now cooled, and this is all water under the bridge.