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A new ingredient in Chocolate: The Trade Mark

Chocolate CasesIn the post below IPcopy takes a quick look at some recent decisions in the world of chocolate and other types of confectionary on the topic of colour and 3D trade marks. The overview highlights some trends in EU jurisprudence on the distinctiveness requirement for the registrability and enforceability of such marks. Get ready to read about chocolate bunnies, jelly bears and many more.


Trade Mark Review: Snickers versus Kickers

snickersIn the case of Hultafors Group AB (Hultafors) V OHIM (Case T-537/11, April 19 2013), the decision of the Fourth Board of Appeal was upheld by the General Court confirming that there was a likelihood of confusion between a figurative Community trademark application incorporating the word ‘SNICKERS’ and an earlier Italian registration for the word mark ‘KICKERS’ in Class 25. Both marks covered goods including ‘clothing, footwear and headgear’. (more…)

Proposed Legislation- Modernisation of the European Trade Mark System

EU flagProposals for reformed legislation, which have been drafted in order to help modernise and further synchronise the European Trade Mark system, have surfaced on the web. The European Commission has indicated that the reform package will ‘foster innovation and economic growth’ throughout the EU as well as ‘ensure coexistence and complementarity’ throughout the trade mark systems. Further, the European Commission has stated that the reform ‘will be beneficial for applicants and owners of both the Community Trade Marks (‘CTMs’) and national trade marks’ by increasing the efficiency of the EU internal market. Further, regardless of the size, market and geographical influence of an entity, the proposals will aim to create a more level playing field.

Once the proposals have been adopted (potentially Spring 2014) the Commission advise that EU countries will have to implement the new rules of the Directive into national law within two years. With regard to the Regulation, most amendments will become effective when it is enforced. However, the Fees Regulation will require prior authorisation by the Committee on OHIM fees with the aim of adopting it before the end of 2013. Below is an overview of some of the proposals. Please note that these proposals are not official.