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Unitary Patent & Unified Patent Court

Court (Small)Last week the pan-European Intellectual Property Summit (IP Summit) was held in Brussels and the first morning of the summit saw a number of discussions regarding the unitary patent and unified patent court. A common theme that seemed to crop up from anyone representing the official EU position was that the proposed unitary patent protection (UPP) package isn’t perfect but it’ll do! Hmm.

The opening keynote introduction was from Kerstin Jorna from the European Commission (Director, Intellectual Property – Internal Market & Services DG) who likened the UPP package to a cake that doesn’t look like the picture in the recipe book when you remove it from the oven. According to Ms Jorna in such circumstances we should ask ourselves whether the cake is fit to be served to our family! Apparently the UPP cake is fit to be eaten. Please insert your own joke here about too many cooks in the kitchen….