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Protected Food Name status and Brexit: the considerations and implications

brexit-1481028_1920Today on IPcopy we have a guest post from Nicola McNeely of Capital Law. This post has been reproduced with the permission of the author.

The European Protected Food Name (EUPFN) Scheme provides important protection to many household brands across the UK, including several in Wales. Post Brexit, there will be some negotiating to do to ensure that this protection is upheld – and that it continues to be available. But why is EUPFN status is so important – and why does it need to be firmly on the negotiating agenda for Wales?  (more…)

These aren’t just any sausages, these are Newmarket sausages

Sausages made in Newmarket, Suffolk have been awarded the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status from the European Commission. The Suffolk sausages join the ranks of protected foods such as Stilton blue cheese and Melton Mowbray pork pies.

The PGI status means that only products actually originating in the specific town, region or country in question may be identified as such (for example, only sausages produced in the town of Newmarket and a very specific surrounding region may be named ‘Newmarket sausages’). Generally, the products in question have very specific flavours or characteristics and so strict rules also govern the manufacture of products marketed under the PGI status. For example, Newmarket sausages must be made from prime cuts of pork from the whole carcass (no offal) and must have a minimum meat content of 70%.