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The Brexit Referendum, Article 50 and IPcopy

GB+EU flagJust a few days ago the UK went to the polls and returned a verdict which shocked the country, Europe and the world. Oh, and wiped $3 trillion off the world stock market.

The following days in Westminster have been (mild understatement follows) somewhat interesting. The UK Prime Minister is on his way out, the Conservative Party is gearing up for a leadership contest,  Boris has been betrayed by the Govefather, Jeremy Corbyn has installed a revolving door in his Shadow Cabinet and Nigel Farage went to the EU Parliament to suggest a cardiac surgeon born in a Soviet gulag had never had a real job in his life. (more…)

IP in the UK after the Brexit Referendum

GB+EU flagOn 23 June 2016 the UK public voted in favour of the UK leaving the EU (commonly referred to as ‘Brexit’). If and when the UK formally starts the exit procedure, there will be at least a two-year negotiation period before the exit itself occurs. So, any changes won’t be implemented for some time yet.

Any UK national IP rights will be unaffected by Brexit. Some EU IP rights that have effect in the UK will be affected to different extents. Crucially, no IP rights will be lost as a result of Brexit, although some transitional measures are inevitable.

IPcopy takes a look at the key impact Brexit will have on IP, and what you should be considering now. (more…)

Who ya gonna call? (in case of Brexit)

IMG_8533-1Now that we’ve had the General Election in the UK and the Conservatives have returned to power on their own, it looks like we’ll be getting a referendum asking whether we should stay in the EU or leave (the “hokey-cokey” referendum).

Against this political backdrop IPcopy has become aware of half-heard rumours suggesting that the possibility of the UK exiting the EU could be used in the run-up to the referendum to suggest that UK based European Patent Attorneys are not a safe bet for patent applicants outside Europe. As the story goes, because the UK could be booted out of the EU, this would have some kind of knock on effect on the ability of UK-EPAs to represent effectively at the EPO.

IPcopy would like to point out to anyone that may have heard something similar that this is clearly a load of tosh. (more…)

Unitary patent: Danish Referendum – “Yes” vote

370px-Flag_of_Denmark.svgYesterday, 25th May 2014, Denmark held a referendum on joining the Unified Patent Court. Out of just over 2.3 million votes cast, 62.5% voted in favour of joining the Unified Patent Court. The Danish parliament is now free to complete ratification of the Unified Patent Court Agreement and, eventually, deposit its instrument of ratification with the EU Commission. Currently only Austria and France have made such a deposit.

The Wikipedia page covering the Danish referendum is here. Commissioner Barnier also issued a Press Release in which he stated: (more…)

Scotland’s future & IP

125px-Flag_of_Scotland.svgThe Scottish government released its White Paper on Wednesday mapping out Alex Salmond’s vision for an independent Scotland.  The full 670-page report is available here and it details “the most comprehensive blueprint for an independent country ever published” (BBC). Whether that’s completely accurate or not I guess only time will tell but a quick skim seems to suggest that it could be summarised as “anything that we’ve got now that’s good, we’ll keep. Everything else will be better.”

Buried deep within the White Paper in the Q&A section of Part 5 are a couple of references to intellectual property.


Unified Patent Court – Referendum in Denmark

EU shirt2Denmark are to hold a referendum on 25 May 2014 as to whether to proceed with ratifying and joining the unified patent court. The EUObserver article also suggests that two groups within the Danish parliament are blocking the consitutional majority required.

Ireland are also due to have a referendum on the UPC. Although this was due to take place with two other referenda this year it now appears that the patents referendum in Ireland has been delayed until 2014.

Currently only Austria has ratified the UPC Agreement.

Mark Richardson 2 October 2013