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Private Copying and Parody Exceptions – What’s Changed?

Image from Wikipedia. User: Hellisp

Image from Wikipedia. User: Hellisp

IPKat broke the news this Monday that revised draft Statutory Instruments for Personal Copies for Private Use and Quotation and Parody copyright exceptions have been released by the government.

As readers may recall, in March this year, five draft legislations (covering Personal Copies for Private Use, Quotation and Parody, Disability, Public Administration and Research, Education, Libraries and Archives) were published that were to modernise UK copyright law. These were slated to become law on 1 June 2014. However, in May, it emerged that two of these exceptions, Private Use and Parody (arguably the two most important sets of changes), would be considered at a later stage.

Now, the amended draft legislation on these two outstanding exceptions has been published. So what has actually changed?


Private copying and parody copyright exceptions removed from consideration [Updated]

Image from Wikipedia. User: Hellisp

Looks like we’ll be keeping those CDs for a little bit longer….. (Image from Wikipedia. User: Hellisp)

Labour MP Iain Wright tweeted yesterday afternoon that the exceptions for Personal Copies for Private Use and Quotation and Parody were “pulled from consideration” by the Government after the House of Lords Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee. (more…)