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Unitary patent and Unified patent court – Conference Review (Part III)

EU flagThis post covers the afternoon sessions from the “Unitary patent and the Unified patent court” conference in Paris on 4 July. ¬†This post covers a session from a number of European judges on the UPC and views from some IP intensive companies (such as Google, Microsoft and GSK). [Part I and Part II cover sessions (1) through (4).] (more…)

CIPA/IPO Meeting to discuss representation in front of the Unified Patent Court – Part II

cipalogoIPcopy attended the joint CIPA/IPO open meeting on 21 January 2014 to discuss the issues of representation before the Unified Patent Court.

In Part I of our review of the meeting we looked at the¬†opening set of remarks provided by Neil Feinson of the IPO, Vicki Salmon’s discussion of Article 48 of the Unified Patent Court Agreement (copy here) and Chris Mercer’s review of Rule 286 of the Rules of Procedure of the Unified Patent Court (current on the 15th draft, a copy of which can be accessed here).

In this post we focus on the thoughts made by The Hon Mr Justice Birss in summing up the meeting. It is noted that Mr Justice Birss stressed that any views he made were not an endorsement of the official UK position and that he reserved the right to change his mind!UKIPOlogo (more…)