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The UPC in London: a look at the location options

The long road to the UPC

The long road to the UPC

In the last week or so discussion around the potential location of the UPC in London has surfaced again with news that the UPC Taskforce has informally approached a number of groups including IPLA, IP Federation, EPLAW and others for their views of a couple of potential sites for London’s UPC divisions. Full details of the two sites in question can be found here.

After reading the IPKat articles (1, 2) on the subject, IPcopy reached out to the UPC Taskforce and others to try and glean some additional information on the issue. This is presented below along with, for what it’s worth, this ipcopywriter’s personal views on the issue. (more…)

Unified Patent Court Agreement – now with Contents section

EU flagThe Agreement on a Unified Patent Court has been available for some time now (and can be found here). One thing that’s struck me as slightly odd is that the text of the agreement doesn’t apparently come with its own contents section. Maybe the idea is that the agreement should be the last thing we look at before we go to sleep and the first thing we pick up when we jump out of bed in the morning so that we know the whole document back to front…… Maybe. Alternatively, it may just be an oversight.

Well, today, ready for you to download, print off, decorate, laminate and share with your friends is the IPcopy version of the contents section of the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court. I know, I know, it’s like all your Christmases have come at once.

Contents section only can be found here.

Consolidated version of the Agreement including contents page and corrected pages is here.

Mark Richardson 22 May 2013

[Many thanks to Jodie Everett and Danielle Ménage-Jensen for their help in preparing these documents]