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EPO News: change in practice for applications lacking unity

epologoOn 1 April 2017 the EPO changed its practice slightly for patent applications containing more than one inventive concept (i.e. for applications that the EPO search division has decided lack unity). (more…)

Revised EPO Guidelines now available (valid from 1 Nov 2014)

epologoThe EPO is revising its Guidelines for Examination and these are already available on the EPO website (I know, be still your beating hearts). This early publication of the Guidelines can be accessed here. The EPO has thoughtfully included a Track Changes option which can be toggled on and off via a check box in the top right of the screen. Once switched on additions appear on a green background and deletions in red strikethrough font.

One of the more notable changes is to the EPO’s searching practice on applications entering the regional phase. (more…)

EPO proposes changes to search rules [Updated – 11/11/13]

epologoThe European Patent Office is proposing to amend the rules regarding searches for Euro-PCT applications. The aim of the proposed changes is to make the Euro-PCT system fairer for  applicants of international applications who use the EPO as the International Searching Authority. A further aim is to bring Euro-PCT search practice into line with direct European practice.