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I Am the Law – I Am a UPC Judge

As the UPC judge arrived in court the issue of bifurcation seemed to becone less of an issue (Image from Flickr under cc licence/Mooshuu)

As the UPC judge arrived in court the problem of bifurcation suddenly didn’t seem worth worrying about (Image from Flickr under cc licence/Mooshuu)

The Preparatory Committee for the Unified Patent Court has recently launched¬†expression of interests of ¬†candidate judges at the UPC. As noted in the cover text the Committee adopted its detailed roadmap back in June this year and one priority of the roadmap was to help the nomination process of the first group of judges and to ensure the organisation of training of candidate judges. The call for expression of interest can be found here and the rules of the pre-selection procedure here. The closing date for the call of interest is 15 November 2013 so if you are interested you haven’t got that much time to send your applications to Mr Paul van Beukering (Chairman of the Preparatory Committee).