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Scotland’s future & IP

125px-Flag_of_Scotland.svgThe Scottish government released its White Paper on Wednesday mapping out Alex Salmond’s vision for an independent Scotland.  The full 670-page report is available here and it details “the most comprehensive blueprint for an independent country ever published” (BBC). Whether that’s completely accurate or not I guess only time will tell but a quick skim seems to suggest that it could be summarised as “anything that we’ve got now that’s good, we’ll keep. Everything else will be better.”

Buried deep within the White Paper in the Q&A section of Part 5 are a couple of references to intellectual property.


Steve Jobs, a Keynote video and US/DE grace periods

Apple US TM logoLast week FOSS Patents carried an interesting article about the impact that the original iPhone Keynote presentation has had on the validity of one of Apple’s own patents. Follow up press reports (e.g.  this one) have focused on the fact that the “rubber band” patent has been invalidated on the basis of this video disclosure. However, the original article contained some points of interest with respect to grace periods in the US and Europe and the effect that the German court decision on the “rubber band” patent may have on Apple’s utility model in Germany.

Curiosity suitably piqued IPcopy took a quick look at the case. For ease of reference we also produced a handy timeline of events so you can see what happened and when.