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Patents for the Summer Holidays

Motorised ice cream cone

Summer is here which can mean only one thing. It’s time to give you a run down of the weird and wacky intersection of the vacation industry and the patent system! (more…)

Wacky patents – Animals in Patent Illustrations

Animals in patent? It must be Friday...

Animals in patent drawings? It must be Friday…

“Animals in Patent Illustrations”? Yup, it must be Friday…

Today, we’re going to look at some strange patents that feature various creatures in their Figures! Why? Well, blame this article from the BBC which looked at the tricky business of re-designing the humble pair of glasses. Following references to anti-fog coatings and magnet hinges this BBC article ended, where else, with glasses for chickens.

So without further delay welcome to the weird world of animals in patents….[Warning: the BadPunTM Generator and NaffTM Picture Captioning have been switched on and used extensively in this post.]