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COVID-19 – Effects on Intellectual Property (IP)

virus-4937553_1920IP Offices around the world have announced special measures to take account of likely business disruption, not only to their own operations but also to those of their customers, from the Coronavirus outbreak. Here we summarise the measures of the EUIPO, EPO, WIPO, UKIPO and IPOI.

If you feel that your ability to respond to an IP deadline is affected by the Coronavirus situation then please contact your normal IP representative who will be able to advise on the options that may be available. It is important to note that the various IP Offices are applying different special measures and the extent of such special measures may not be immediately be apparent. Please also note that the special measures across the various IP Offices mentioned below are changing constantly so please check with your representative for the latest news.


EPO to join WIPO’s Digital Access Service (DAS) for priority document exchange

EPO4WIPO’s Digital Access Service (DAS) allows priority documents to be exchanged electronically between participating IP Offices (there are currently 19 participating offices including the US, Japan, China, Korea [who make up 4 of the 5 IP5 offices], the UK and Australia).

The EPO will be joining the list of participating IP offices from 1 November 2018 (see Decision of the EPO President here and accompanying Notice from the EPO here). Where the WIPO DAS is used an Office of Second Filing (OSF) may electronically retrieve a copy of the priority document from the Office of First Filing (OFF) using a DAS access code.

Initially DAS at the EPO will be for EP patent applications and EP regional phase applications from the PCT. DAS will not initially be available for PCT applications filed at the EPO though this will be added in the future. (more…)

World IP Day: Movies – a global passion

WIPO-WorldIPDayOn 26th April each year the World Intellectual Property Organisation celebrates World IP Day. The subject this year is the world of film: “Movies – a global passion“.

WIPO has a dedicated page on its website and also a World IP Day Facebook page to help promote discussion of IP at the movies. Of particular interest is an overview of the IP rights that can be found from script to screen.

As regular readers will know IPcopy has posted a number of articles that take a light-hearted look at IP as it appears in the media (films, TV, news reports etc) as an excuse to talk about different IP topics. So here, to celebrate World IP Day, are the film related posts from our IP – Hit or miss? series.


New Zealand join Madrid Protocol

New Zealand has become the latest country to join the Madrid Protocol. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) announced New Zealand’s accession to the Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks, commonly referred to as the Madrid Protocol. The Protocol is an international agreement that allows trade mark holders to register their marks in member Countries (currently 87 and counting) by filing a single international application and designating Member States on an individual basis.

Two important points applicants need to be aware of are: 1) Any trademark holder who wishes to register a trade mark in New Zealand must make a declaration of its intention to use the mark; 2) WIPO advises that recording licences in the International Register will have no effect in New Zealand because this Country does not have practice rules allowing the recordal of trade mark licences.

The Accession of New Zealand to the Protocol will enter into force on December 10, 2012.

Gavin Hoey    (Trade Mark Records Manager)                     9 November 2012