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ITMA London Evening Meeting ‘OHIM & IPO Case Update’

logo-itmaThe ITMA London Evening Meeting ‘OHIM & IPO Case Update’ given by Amanda Michaels and Charlotte Scott of Hogarth Chambers took place yesterday and was attended by a number of people from Keltie. Some particular subjects of note that were discussed at the meeting were the Lifestyle Supplies v Ultimate Nutrition Inc case and the Common Communication on the Common Practice of the Scope of Protection of Black & White Marks.


Croatia to join EU July 2013 – Impact on Community Trade Marks and Designs

Europe flagTerritorial Expansion of the Community Trade Mark and Community Design Systems

On 1 July 2013, Croatia will join the European Union with the result that, from that date, existing and new Community Trade Marks (CTMs), as well as unregistered and Registered Community Designs, will have their coverage expanded to that country.

This expansion of protection will occur automatically, without the need for owners of CTMs and Community Designs to take any action, nor pay any fees.


Jay-Z and Beyoncé may have 99 problems but their trade mark ain’t one

ImageContrary to press reports, all is not lost for Jay-Z and Beyoncé in seeking to protect their daughter’s name as a trade mark.

At the start of this year, Jay-Z and Beyoncé sought to register their daughter’s name – Blue Ivy Carter – as a trade mark to provide them with the sole right to use the name for a whole variety of products, from basketballs and teething rings, to hair care products and sound recordings.  The application was made in name of BGK Trademark Holding, a company whose sole member is Beyoncé.