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Unitary Patent Package – The Ratification Game

EU shirt2We previously reported that both France and Malta had ratified the unified patent court agreement. Despite this we had held off updating the “Ratification” Game post until the European Commission website showed that further instruments of ratification had actually been deposited in Brussels.

So, who would grab second place after Austria? Malta or France or maybe an outsider?


Well, we can now reveal that (more…)


Unitary Patent Package – The Ratification Game [Updated: 12 August 2013]

EU shirt2[Update (12.8.13) – Austria has apparently deposited its instrument of ratification. The Info graphic and State of Play text below have been updated.]

As discussed in our Q&A post on the unitary patent package, the unified patent court agreement requires 13 or more participating member states to ratify the agreement before the unitary patent system can get up and running.  Furthermore, three of those 13 member states need to be France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

We will be following the ratification process here on IPcopy but thought we’d try and do so via the medium of football and info graphics.

So, without further ado here’s the process of ratification re-imagined in the form of a (wildly stretched) football analogy. The European team “UPP United” (Unitary Patent Package) are at the ground for their match against the Rest of the World (an aim of the unitary patent system is to make the European patent system more competitive compared to the systems in the US and Japan). This being a slightly inaccurate analogy the European team will comprise 13 players (instead of the usual 11) and will form up in a 5-5-2 formation! The info graphic is below and more notes are further down the post. We hope you enjoy.