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And then there were three? President Hollande signs off on ratification of UPC Agreement

EU flagFollowing the recent adoption of the Agreement of the Unified Patent Court by the French National Assembly comes news that the French President, François Hollande, has now promulgated the law by signing off on the text in Paris on 24th February 2014.


Unified Patent Court – Referendum in Denmark

EU shirt2Denmark are to hold a referendum on 25 May 2014 as to whether to proceed with ratifying and joining the unified patent court. The EUObserver article also suggests that two groups within the Danish parliament are blocking the consitutional majority required.

Ireland are also due to have a referendum on the UPC. Although this was due to take place with two other referenda this year it now appears that the patents referendum in Ireland has been delayed until 2014.

Currently only Austria has ratified the UPC Agreement.

Mark Richardson 2 October 2013