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Keltie Events: London Tech Week; 3D printing & Design Workshops for In-house Counsel

Keltie signKeltie Events in June and July. Keltie LLP is pleased to be hosting a number of events over the next few weeks at our new offices at No. 1 London Bridge. Further details are below regarding (i) IP Clinics for London Technology Week; (ii) a 3D printing workshop for in-house counsel; and (iii) a Designs workshop for in-house counsel. (more…)

It’s a question of design

Is this an iPad I see before me?

In the recently decided Samsung versus Apple case in the UK Court of Appeal, the court confirmed that Samsung did not infringe Apple’s registered Community Design No. 000181607-0001.

At paragraph 54 of the decision, Sir Robin Jacob┬ástated: “If the registered design has a scope as wide as Apple contends it would foreclose much of the market for tablet computers. Alterations in thickness, curvature of the sides, embellishment and so on would not escape its grasp. Legitimate competition by different designs would be stifled”.

In light of the above and the decision as a whole it would appear the UK courts are going to give design registrations a fairly narrow scope.