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Intellectual Property from a Corporate in-house perspective

IP targetIt’s easy for a private practice patent attorney to develop a narrow view of the IP world. Essentially:

Draft – File – Prosecute – Grant – Repeat*

It was therefore a pleasure to welcome Donal O’Connell1 to Keltie recently to provide some insight into the world of Intellectual Property from the perspective of the corporate in-house officer. (more…)

Avoid jointly owned intellectual property like the plague

ICONS_icon-teamNot all the smart people work for you

Traditionally, internal innovation was the paradigm in which most companies operated. Most innovating companies kept their discoveries highly secret and made no attempt to assimilate information from outside their own research and development laboratories. This was driven by the belief that “the smart people in our field work for us”. However, in recent years the world has seen major advances in technology and society, changes which have facilitated the diffusion of information. Companies have also come to realise that “not all the smart people work for us, and that we need to work with smart people inside and outside our company”. (more…)

Invention harvesting

HarvestTo invent:

To invent means to produce or contrive something previously unknown by the use of ingenuity or imagination. An inventor is therefore someone who invents, someone who devises some new process, appliance, machine, or article. When a new product appears, the person who first thought of it, and who first defined what the product should be, is recognised as the inventor. While many people may be involved in building the product and bringing it to market, the innovator is the person who provided the original idea that helped to define and shape the product.

Inventive ideas can take many forms. They can be disruptive, transformative, radical, breakthrough, incremental or step improvement in nature. They can be product, service, process or business model related. (more…)