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Small Claims Track in PCC

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On 1 October 2012 the Patents County Court (PCC) introduced a small claims track to run beside the PCC multi-track.

The small claims track will be suitable for claims up to a value of £5,000 and is expected to be of benefit to individuals and SMEs who previously may not have wanted to start claims in the PCC.

Cases in the PCC small claims track will be handled more informally than in the PCC multi-track. Suitable cases relating to trade marks or passing off, copyright and unregistered design right may be brought in the PCC small claims track. However, claims concerned with patents, registered designs (including Community registered designs) and plant varieties may not be brought in the PCC small claims track.

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  1. […] on IPcopy have discussed the Patents County Court of England and Wales and the recently introduced small claims track for certain IP […]

  2. […] IPcopy have discussed the Patents County Court of England and Wales and the recently introduced small claims track for certain IP […]

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