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Denmark ratifies the Unified Patent Court Agreement

DenmarkflagFollowing recent posts about Sweden and Belgium depositing their instruments of ratification in Brussels (Bork! and Belgium), we understand* that Denmark has now also deposited its instrument of ratification. This information is available on the Council of the European Union website here. This news brings the total official number of countries in the unitary patent system to five (after Austria, France, Sweden and Belgium).

Denmark is expected to host a local division of the UPC in Copenhagen, with Danish and English being the languages of the proceedings.

IPcopy’s ratification infographic (see below) has been updated to reflect the news for Denmark (as we noted in earlier posts, for an answer to the question “What’s up with this infographic?“, please see the bottom of the ratification post which also contains full details about the ratification process).  (more…)

Unitary patent: Danish Referendum – “Yes” vote

370px-Flag_of_Denmark.svgYesterday, 25th May 2014, Denmark held a referendum on joining the Unified Patent Court. Out of just over 2.3 million votes cast, 62.5% voted in favour of joining the Unified Patent Court. The Danish parliament is now free to complete ratification of the Unified Patent Court Agreement and, eventually, deposit its instrument of ratification with the EU Commission. Currently only Austria and France have made such a deposit.

The Wikipedia page covering the Danish referendum is here. Commissioner Barnier also issued a Press Release in which he stated: (more…)

Unitary Patent System – Nuggets of News

EU flagToday we have a quick round up of some unitary patent related news items that have cropped up in the last week or so. Read on for news on the Danish referendum, the opening of the training centre for UPC Judges, an update on the ratification process in Germany and a slip in the official start date for the whole unitary patent package. (more…)

Location, Location, Location (of divisions of the Unified Patent Court)

Unified patent courtAlong with all the other preparations that are required to implement the unitary patent package in the various participating member states, rumblings are often heard regarding the potential location of the local and regional divisions of the Unified Patent Court. This week IPcopy has heard/seen material relating to a potential local division in Ireland and also the possible setting up of a regional “Nordic-Baltic” division in Sweden, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania (Thanks to reader Hans van de Heuvel for the heads up regarding the Nordic-Baltic news). (more…)

Unified Patent Court – Referendum in Denmark

EU shirt2Denmark are to hold a referendum on 25 May 2014 as to whether to proceed with ratifying and joining the unified patent court. The EUObserver article also suggests that two groups within the Danish parliament are blocking the consitutional majority required.

Ireland are also due to have a referendum on the UPC. Although this was due to take place with two other referenda this year it now appears that the patents referendum in Ireland has been delayed until 2014.

Currently only Austria has ratified the UPC Agreement.

Mark Richardson 2 October 2013