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Easter Innovations

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easter-3100341_1920Disaster has struck with the Easter bunny lost in the world of IP, days away from Easter Sunday. Luckily, he’s left a few clues with his Easter related designs and inventions to lead us to his hiding spot.

Audible Easter Eggs for the Visually Impaired

Easter1We start with a design for audible Easter eggs for the visually impaired (USD789241). These eggs help blind and visually impaired kids join in the fun of Easter egg hunts by emitting beeping sounds to be found more easily.

No sight (or sound) of the Easter bunny yet though…

Apparatus for Colouring Easter Eggs


Next on our quest, we stumble across an apparatus for colouring Easter eggs (US4419103). Drops of liquid dye are applied to the surface of an egg before it is placed in the dish below. The dish is formed of a material that does not absorb the liquid dye and has inwardly-extending projections or buttons, which can be arranged in a pattern. By swirling the dish, the egg rolls around the perimeter of the dish, making contact with the buttons to redistribute the dye and produce a decorative pattern on the egg.

This must be how the Easter bunny decorates all of his eggs.

Memory Improving Chocolate

For many, Easter isn’t Easter without chocolate and I think the Easter bunny is trying to tell us something with this memory improving chocolate.

According to this patent application (CN108887448), 10-30 parts of chocolate base, 10 – 20 parts vitamins, 10 – 30 parts starch carrier, 10 – 30 parts bitter gourd polypeptide and 10 – 30 parts bovine bone collagen peptide is all you need to improve your memory!

If only it could help us to remember where the Easter bunny likes to hide…

Chocolate Egg Forming Device

Easter3Surely we must be getting close with the Easter bunny’s very own Easter egg forming device (CN204860990).

Liquid chocolate is injected into half-shell grooves before the device is rotated; coating each half shell with an even layer of chocolate, which, when combined, form perfect chocolate eggs.

What have we here…

Easter4At last! It seems the Easter bunny has been hiding in a patent application all this time.

If you ever wanted to know how a bunny lays eggs, according to this patent application (GB263446), its hollow body contains a chute and a clockwork mechanism. The chute is filled with Easter eggs, which drop down one by one by means of a rotating, toothed wheel. Its tail, freely pivoted to its body, moves as the eggs drop.

The Easter bunny can at last be rescued to deliver his eggs, just in time for Easter!

Amelia Ross 18 April 2019

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